Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another kg gone

So today is weigh in day, but today its a public holiday in Auckland so no meeting.
Its 3pm here and normally my meeting is at 6.30pm but since I am about to go out I figured I would do it now. I am wearning jeans instead of my 3/4 shorts but the same shoes.
I am exactly 1kg down :) 135kg exactly!
Whooo hoooo so happy about that. I know my scales are going to be a wee bit different to the ones at weight watchers but I figured its still a loss and a good loss so i'm going to take it.

I am really looking forward to my meeting next week, I feel kind of lost without it.


  1. Fantastic Sharlie!!!! So proud of you!

  2. *pokes*
    Where's todays blog? Hope it was a good day for you.