Saturday, January 22, 2011

First challenge

Last night it was a friends 40th birthday party. I knew there was going to be a lot of food that was going to tempt me and I knew it was going to be my first big challenge.
I got myself prepared, I had a low point lunch and I had some points left over from another day which I hadnt used. I decided I would stay away from all the 'snack' foods and just have my dinner but enjoy what I was having.

Well i'm really proud of myself, I didnt have any chips, chocolates, nuts etc and for my dinner I made sure I had a big pile of salad to go with it. I did use up all of my points for the day and I went over by 10, but since I had those spare ones it doesnt matter. I kept in control and I didnt sit and obsess about all the things I was missing.

This time it feels different, I feel so motivated and I want this so much. I keep thinking about what I am going to look like when i've lost all the weight and how i'm going to feel. I keep wondering how fantastic its going to feel to walk into any clothes shop and buy whatever I want, its going to be mindblowing.

So first major challenge has passed and I did good :)

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