Sunday, January 23, 2011

Huge loss

I lost 2.8kg this week whooo hoooooooo
excuse me a moment, i'm just off to do my happy dance

That puts me at 138kg and I have 59kg to go. My Goal weight is going to be 79kg and that will mean I am at the top end of the BMI for healthy.
I am not expecting losses like that every week, i'm sure its going to slow down and I will have my ups and downs as I go along.

Next challenge, its a public holiday next monday so we dont have a meeting. This is where I would normally struggle, back in my mind I would think 'I dont have to weigh in for two weeks, I can cheat now and then' but in reality I dont want to do that, I dont want to cheat, I dont want to get myself into the habit that this journey is just short term.
This is forever and just because my leader wont be around for two weeks doesnt mean I can go back to those bad habits and eating crap.

So this time next week when I would normally be at a meeting i'm going to weigh myself at home to keep me on track and put the result here.


  1. Congrates that is awesome, Remember not only make your self accountable to the weigh in's at WW but also to your blogg, so next week weigh in at home too.

  2. That's awesome Sharlie! Well done you!!