Friday, January 28, 2011

That time

If there are any men reading this i'm sorry in advance but you know it was going to happen.
Its that time of the month and today i'm struggling. I want Burger King, McDonalds, Burger fuel, hot chips and pizza. I want the salty, greasy fast food feeling and I cant have it. Well I could but I cant.
All day I have battled with myself, having this little fight in my head and luckly the skinny girl that is trying to get out managed to win this fight. I like to imagine her pinning the fat chick down and gagging her.

Even through I wanted all this stuff I stopped myself and I stayed within points today.
That was a huge, real huge. Normally I would have convinced Steve we needed some nasty take out for dinner but instead we had portabello mushroom burgers and home made wedges followed by weight watchers cheesecake!

Round 1 to the skinny girl trying to escape