Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Subway and chocolate

I went to my mums with the girls yesterday and after getting home I realised that I had only eaten 16 points. My daily allowance is 48 so I was way under what I should be at that point.
It was 7pm and I was now starving and getting all emotional (and a little unreasonable i'm sure too) and just didnt want to have to cook dinner.
Lovely husband suggested a take away since I had so many points free and we got my WW Take out guide and had a look through. We decided on Subway for dinner since it wasn't too bad on the points but having a foot long would take up a good chunk while still being a healthy option.

So after eating my Subway and my other points for the day I still had 11 points left. In the fridge for the last 6 days has been my most favourite chocolate bar in the world. Its called a 'Wisper' bar and its from the UK. Up until now I have resisted that sucker quite happily since I didnt have enough points to eat it but last night I had enough.

So I sat there and enjoyed every bite, I was within points and I was eating chocolate!

Roll on this morning, i'm now filled with guilt and I have no idea why. I feel bad that I ate the chocolate and i'm worried its going to upset my weight loss but I also know that it was totally within my points and I will be fine. Its like a double edged sword, I cant have one without the other.
Its going to take a while to retrain my brain I think.


  1. When you weigh in this week and still get the loss, maybe your brain will start to believe it is okay to eat it then? When you look at all the skinny meenies out there that eat chocolate, it's got to be okay as part of a healthy diet occasionally - which is exactly what yo are doing now, right? So perfectly okay!!

    Of course, you should feel guilty because you had a Wispa and I did not.. ;-)

  2. Sharlie I know how you feel about the guilty thing! I followed a different diet in the past but found it's not working for me now, so now I'm doing weight watchers. Even when I stay under my points I feel guilty eating items that were banned on my previous diet, and I'm convinced I'll gain wait if I use my spare points. This week has proven me wrong though and I'm starting to learn that I'll still lose the weight and not feel miserable while I'm at. So keep going! And try to lose the guilt :)

    You're doing great!