Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some stats

On Monday 17th Jan I joined weight watchers again. I have done it before, a few times actually and each time its worked well for me. Before I had my first daughter I lost 24kg and was so proud of myself. Then pregnancy came along and it was a free for all with the food and I gained 19kg. After she was born I just feel into the same bad habbits I had before and slowly the weight crept up and before I knew it I weight more than when I was pregnant.
I did weight watchers again before we started trying for my second daughter. I lost about 12kg and was careful while pregnant not to gain too much. After she was born I again slipped into the bad habbits and now I find myself weighing more than I ever have in my life.

So Monday night I walked back into my weight watchers meeting.
I am 178cm tall, which is roughly 5'11 and I weigh *gulp* 138.8kg
My leader said not to worry, its the last time we need to see that number.

On my way home I had a little cry. I was scared of the challenge ahead of me and I was happy that i'm finally doing something about it.

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