Saturday, January 29, 2011

Date night

Almost 6 months ago we got given $200 worth of vouchers to a restaurant in town. Well we forgot all about them and pulled them out a few days ago and realised they were about to expire. So Steve and I went on date night tonight!

I tell you what, its a really good job I went for a walk today and had a really low point breakfast and lunch and I have those extra 49 points spare because damn I used them all tonight.
Dinner was amazing, it was one of my all time best meals I have ever had.
So tonight I enjoyed every bite, I made some good choices and I feel really good.
Tomorrow i'm going to go for another walk and really up the water drinking too just incase.

This is something I have to get used to, life is going to carry on and we are going to go out for dinner now and then. I will need to learn to make healthy choices, do a bit more exercise if we do go out and not feel guilty about it. Normally I would use this time to do a 'free for all' and just eat myself silly but tonight I didnt. And from now on I dont want to. I dont want to leave a restaurant feeling slightly sick because I went overboard.

Date night was good

1 comment:

  1. Good for you!!!
    Glad you enjoyed it and have none of the guilt feelings from the other day - maybe you are starting to get used to it?
    I'm so proud of you!