Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Over my points

Crap! Yesterday I went over my points by mistake. I thought I had more left than I did and I went over by 4. I'm not worried at the moment, they allow you an extra 49 points to use as you wish throughout the week but I just feel frustrated at myself.

We took Bethany and Amelia for a picnic dinner last night to try out our new portable BBQ, I was prepared and took some healthy options for me to snack on as we were going to have our dinner when we got home later. That is when I ate too much, I had two veggie sausages with two bits of bread. Normally that is 10 points, which I would have been fine with but I added some tomato sauce, then I ate a few bits of the girls steak. If I had left those few things alone I would have been fine.

I hate that I have this overwhelming desire to pick at leftovers, that I struggle with myself not to eat them and sit and obsess about them. Normally at home I would just put them straight in the waste disposal but since we were out I just sat there looking at them. In the end after picking for a bit I asked Steve to move them away from me and not to let me have them anymore.
This is definaly something I have to work on and find willpower to stop doing.


  1. Recognising it is the first step!! Your doing fabulous! Dont beat yourself up, Acknowledge the issue and move forward! Your doing fabulous honey!!

  2. Tomato sauce? You can't limit tomato sauce - it's a vegetable!!! I am partially serious... I am sure when I did WW many, many, many moons ago, condiments such as tomato sauce were free within reason. To take away the free stuff sucks!!!

    Well done for being prepared though, and getting the leftovers moved.

  3. Mel, WW has completely changed now.. Fruit however is free!! whoo hooo But most things like tomato sauce which have added sugar etc is pointed.