Sunday, January 23, 2011

Having a little freak out

So its weigh in day today, tonight I am off for my meeting and i'm terrifed that I wont lose any weight. I keep thinking about how I went over by 10 points at the 40th birthday party, but then I say to myself that I had those points to spare so it will be fine.

I remembered that I did this last time too, I would get myself all anxious on weigh in days, worried that it wouldnt have worked, that I would have done something wrong which causes me to gain weight.

I know I have eaten healthy, I have drunk water, hell I even went for two walks this week for 30 minutes and that is unheard of for me. I am 99% sure I will be fine, that there will be a loss.
Just need to get that little 1% of self doubt out of my head.


  1. hang in there babe. Remember some weeks you may not lose weight and that is ok. Slow weightloss is more sustainable than rapid weightloss. And we all need to have a "break" day, becuase reality is that in the real world there are parties, dinners out and hormonal days.

  2. you can do it hun. and so happy you're blogging about it. i think it will really help.

  3. You will be fine honey!!!Keep us posted!