Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And so it begins

My name is Sharlie and i'm a foodaholic

I love food and I love to eat it, so much that i'm obese. Thats such a horrible word, but its true, I am obese. Infact i'm probably morbidly obese but i'm too scared to go and look to find out if I am so for now i'm just obese.

I have always been overweight, I remember being teased for being fat when I was about 9 years old and slowly over the years I have just gotten bigger and bigger. Every now and then I would diet and exercise, loose a bit of weight but over time it would all come back on again.

So I have decided that enough is enough, I cant do this to my body anymore and I dont want to be this person anymore. I'm sick of feeling out of breath when I try and play with my kids (I have two little girls they will come up a bit later), I am sick of obsessing about food all the time, when i'm going to eat again, what i'm going to eat. I hate feeling like everyone is looking at the fat person and laughing. I feel embarassed for my husband that he has a fat wife who doesnt like to go out and do things because of the weight..

So the lovely husband Steve dangled a very nice carrot for me. When I get to my goal weight of 79kg he will take me back to Italy to celebrate. This is going to take a few years and i'm ok with that, plus we need to save! ha! but its something to keep me motivated while I go on this journey of changing my life.

So watch out Italy, i'm coming...

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