Sunday, February 20, 2011

I want to eat

All I want to do right now is eat. I want hot chips, chips, steak and chips, burger and chips, pizza... this list could go on and on. Instead of eating, i'm here blogging and its not really making me feel satisfied. I am tired, grumpy and sad and its taking every inch of will power that I have to not go and just eat.
Luckly for me there are no chips in the house so I cant. I dont want to know what would happen if there was as i'm sure I wouldnt have been able to hold out all day.

I have my meeting tonight and i'm thinking of staying behind after and talking to my leader, hoping she can give me the boost I need to get back into the right head space.
I know i'm going to have these days/weeks through out my journey but it just plain old suxs to be in one right now.

I'm off to do more washing and have some chewing gum.

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