Saturday, February 5, 2011

I want fish and chips

So I tried to make a post about fish and chips from my iPhone this arvo and it just didnt work, then it published the title and nothing else!
We have had a really good day today, we went to a friends parents bach, had a swim in their pool and a general hang out. The sun was shining and it was a really nice day.
We were driving home at about 5.30pm and the girls hadnt had their dinner yet. I got this huge desire to have some fish and chips, just sit on the beach and eat as a family.

I find myself envious of people who can do that, are able to have a take away fish and chips on the beach and then carry on as normal. I'm sure in time when i'm at goal i'm going to be able to do it too, have the odd take away and then keep on going the next day and it wont be a problem.

At the moment it is a problem, I wouldnt be able to control myself, and I know that. I would eat everyones leftovers, way too much, end up feeling sick or filled with hate for doing that. I would be fighting with myself the whole time to try and stop myself from over indulging.
This obsession I have with food is hard.


  1. And now so do I!

    You could do it without all the batter, in a foil or greaseproof baking paper "bag" with a bit of soy sauce, some finely sliced onion and mushrooms then bake in the oven for around 15-20 minutes....baked potatoes on the side. :D

  2. Easy do what Cluadine suggested with out the oinon and mushrooms, but grill it in the pan (in the paper bag)
    Wedge some sweet Potatoes season them well spray a baking tray with oil, than brown in a very hot oven (you can par cook them for a minuet in the microwave but pat them dry first).

  3. Thanks for the suggestions girls :) We make home made wedges a lot here, helps to keep the chip craving away!!

  4. soggy chips and batter isn't all that great hun. no one can make good fish and chips these days so you're not missing out. there's better food in italy. keep going. ;)