Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Worst blogger ever

Yep that is me, the worse blogger ever!
I have had a few ups and downs the last few weeks. Last week I gained for the first time, 1.6kg. Ouch! Then this week I lost 900gms, so I havent made up for my gain but at least I had a good loss.
I seem to have lost my mojo at the minute. My willpower is shot and I find myself snacking on things that I shouldnt be. Today is not going well, infact I havent tracked and i'm pretty sure I wont be eating much for dinner tonight. Either that or I will be having fruit since its free!
After writing i'm going to go and track and see how bad it is.

Total weight loss now is 7.9kg, sometimes that seems like a lot but other times like today it doesnt seem like much at all. A drop in the bucket of how much I have to lose. I did reach my 5% at my meeting this week so that was nice, but it didnt give me the motivation I need to keep going.

I got sick about the same time I stopped blogging, from that the walking had stopped too. I couldnt walk while I was coughing up a storm, but the coughing has stopped now so I really need to get back into the groove of walking again. I find most of the time its getting out the door that is the problem, once i'm doing it i'm ok.

So if anyone has my mojo could you please send it back. I am not going to give up but I would like for it to be not such a huge mental battle each day.

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  1. I in the process of house cleaning (that's why I am on here) and there certainly aren't any mojo's around here. Perhaps it's with all the missing socks that the washing machine claims?

    I am so proud of you for not giving up - you are an inspiration. xx