Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gym bunny

Ok so i'm definatly NOT a gym bunny but I have joined my local gym. I was really struggling to get out walking, it was either raining, dark, not a good time and I was sick of 'making excuses' with myself.
So I joined on saturday, had my first assesment with my trainer on sunday and then tonight (Thursday) he went through my programme with me.

So from now on we shall refer to my trainer as 'the evil one' because every part of my body hurts bad. Real bad. So bad that I am not sure i'm going to be able to walk tomorrow.

The evil one kept telling me that it was 'no pain no gain' and he wasnt lying. At one point i'm pretty sure I swore at him and that seemed to give him satisfaction that I was working as I should have been.

I am now set with my plan and i'm going to work hard.
There is definatly one huge advantage to going to the gym. I might be in pain, I might be sweaty and worried that people are looking at me but at least I am having some alone time.

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